Transforming intriguing and unique ideas into successful and scalable businesses.
Studio's Work
Sourcing Cold Launch
5 projects
Team formation and leadership
2 projects
MVP, verifying Product-Market Fit
6 projects
Pre-Seed Round, fundraising or pivot
2 projects

Energy efficiency

Building materials
Real estate

Electric cars and batteries

About qp studio
At QP Studio, we follow the Business Studio model with a clear focus on building profitable businesses. We actively seek co-founders with exciting business ideas, investing in them to test their potential. Our unique approach, coupled with our expertise in legal, HR, and finance, ensures we not only create businesses but also help them thrive in the market, making us your ideal partner for entrepreneurial success.
Operational efficiency
  • Maximizing the rapid utilization of studio products
  • Increased studio engagement
Zero waste
  • Active rotation in case of failure
Focused portfolio
  • Owning multiple projects within a specific industry rather than point investment, project synergy
  • Rotation of experiences between projects
Consolidation of motivated talents
  • The studio serves as an incubator for talented individuals
  • A constant buffer resource for launching new projects
Ownership of the studio and its portfolio
The studio is evaluated based on the capitalization of its portfolio over 5 years